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30 Years, 30 Songs Pt.1


This was originally meant to be a 30th birthday post, where I picked the 30 most meaningful songs to me and shared them.

That’s a pretty difficult task, to narrow down all my favorite music to 30 songs. And it’s taken me several months to finish.

It’s certainly not necessarily THE 30 best songs I’ve loved, but it is 30 songs that were very meaningful in my life in some strange way, and I tried to intentionally include different genres of music I love as well as include songs that everyone doesn’t already recognize. Enjoy. Continue reading


The 2012 Quotes

I know, it’s terribly late. But it’s too great to NOT publish. So here it is.

Names have changed (on some) to protect the guilty.

Some objectionable content may occur, but I tried to censor where I could.

“If you called Jesus and he put you on hold, you would hear Ricky Kendall music while you wait.”
- Zac Continue reading