Movies I saw in 2013 and my thoughts on them.

Drew likes movies.

Gangster Squad - Good ganster movie.
Lincoln - Fantastic film.
Olympus Has Fallen - Made for TV action flick.
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - Funnier than reviews said.
Jurassic Park 3D - Still holds up.
Oz The Great & Powerful- Meh.
Oblivion - Better than reviews said.
Pain & Gain - Got weird near the end.
Iron Man 3 - Classic 3rd-in-a-trilogy syndrome.
Fast 6 - Surprisingly strong, albeit popcorn flick.
Hangover 3 - Better than Hangover 2.
Man of Steel - So close.
Gi Joe: Retaliation - Dude.
World War Z - Fantastic.
Pacific Rim - Great action/sci-fi flick
RIPD - Waste of Money.
Wolverine - Sweet.
Elysium - Not nearly as good as District 9.
At World's End - Has some really great moments.
Riddick - So bad it was funny.
Gravity - In. Credible.
Machete Kills - Not as good as the first.
Prisoners - Holy Sh*t.
Enders Game - About 1/8 as long as it needed to be.
Thor: Dark World - Pretty awesome.
Catching Fire - Great, better than the first.
The Hobbit 2: Desolation of Smaug: Great, better than the first.
Anchorman 2: Great, better than the first.
American Hustle: Possibly my favorite of the year.

What was your favorite movie from 2013?