i think a break away from it all is what i really needsleeping at last i really am but what for but a better life and a better job which is fine and all i really need is to take a break i think from it all i just have a bit of trouble is all the confidence of not caring keeps giving me chances i can't afford to not care about or thats what my clock keeps telling me get the number make the call break the fall of the last no the last maybe the last not now the last if i wasn't leaving maybe in the future guess its good i'm living for the future so my present is my past and yes my presence is a present so kiss my a$$ and yours is a gift too the presence i mean well both really and either way kanye hit the nail on the head with that one and please know that despite my cherokee roots the giving they describe as indian is not my preferred kind no its not too late and no i can't just wait and see don't you see the waiting is the hardest part and also the self destructive start to the end of this thing the bird is biting my hand to get away and the bush with the other two is burnt to the ground down to a crisp i miss the days when it all made sense when hope rang true like a church bell, not weirdly false like a doorbell rings besides theres only a window left open the door is shut but i guess i should be glad there's a sliver of light peeping through this glorified gun slot of a window; it's true I'll never fit through; was I ever meant to but I can make sure no one comes close too soon fire off shots at high noon to warn the foolish so just need this break i'm not broke anymore but that doesn't matter anymore (apparently) but maybe when my breaking is over you might find my broken is over too.