I watched the second half of the Gator game today at Sonny's BBQ. The sound was down and the closed captioning was on. The following are actual things displayed on the closed captioning during the game. Let's just say, I am very thankful that I can hear, and do not need to rely on this form of display regularly.

  • It is 1513.
  • …may be a soft more quarterback…
  • …a couple of drives where he is speaking four lodges…
  • Will is not playing and it is the decision.
  • Here is the on. They are down.
  • …out of bowns…
  • It is easiest the hottest…
  • It is for the Bulls. It is 113.
  • It is a 7.
  • Brantly and Moore.
  • Hoe is making the plays.
  • It is playing first year.
  • It is to andre.
  • 84% win percentages for myself myself, utah head coach…
  • It is all purpose your and fun to watch the day.
  • …mar quiz pouncy…
  • It is mice to see it outside.
  • The ball sales out of bounds.

Looks like they bred the MadGabs creator with a Spam text generator.