Generic Image vaguely related to movies.

Movies I saw in 2012, and what I thought of them.

Generic Image vaguely related to movies.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – I found it hard to stay awake.
Contraband – Typical Mark Wahlberg, not necessarily a bad thing.
Haywire - First date with my eventual wife. Not a very good movie though.
The Grey – Amazing. Reminded me how not a real man I am.
Safe House – Really enjoyed this one. Denzel gets me every time.
Act of Valor – I’ve seen better. I cried though.
Chronicle – Unique and interesting.
Hunger Games – I expected better, but still pretty good.
21 Jump Street – I found this movie hilarious.
Cabin in the Woods Easily my favorite horror movie ever.
Pirates! – Not nearly as good as Chicken Run.
The Five Year Engagement – Not bad, Not great.
Avengers (twice) – Freakin’ sweet.
Men in Black 3 – Greatly exceeded my very low expectations.
Snow White & the Huntsman – Really made me want to work out.
Prometheus (twice) – I liked it. Better than most of the Alien movies
Brave – Good, but it’s no UP.
Spiderman – Interesting Reboot.
Moonrise Kingdom – Crazy and Unique.
Ted – Too many tears of laughter.
Total Recall – Never saw the original, but I enjoyed this.
Bourne Legacy – I think it holds up to it’s predecessors.
The Campaign – Kinda funny, not as much as I’d hoped.
Hit & Run – Tom Arnold was hysterical.
Looper – WOW. Freakin’ great.
Seven Psychopaths – Walken always delivers.
Flight – Crazy. Denzel was fantastic.
Skyfall - May be my favorite Bond film yetl
Life of Pi – SO. MUCH. BEAUTY.
Wreck it Ralph - Surprise of the year to me. Loved it!
End of Watch - Almost too realistic and gritty to enjoy.
The Hobbit (Twice) – Fantastic.
Rise of the Guardians – sort of interesting.
Django Unchained – Intense.
Les Miserables - Russel Crowe aside, incredible. I cried.
The Dark Knight Rises – My favorite film of the year, hands down.

What did YOU see in 2012? What did you like most? least? Talk about it.

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