“They know about the fork.” – Jerry Seinfeld

I am trying to get this blog up and active again. So… gonna be tumbling a bit less and “pressing” a bit more. 

Just got back from lunch at the New Chop Stix Cafe. I give it thumbs down. A Sushi roll was prohibitively expensive, They didn’t have sweet tea, and i ended up upsold into a weird tea/sweetened soy milk “signature” drink. The portions were not good for the money, especially compared to Shooting Star, which is a favorite of mine in the pan-asian cuisine arena. 

The restaurant was overcrowded. Not in the sense that there were a ton of people, just too many tables and chairs in too tight of a spot. Also, the service was very subpar. The host was nice (he also got our drinks), but after that, it was difficult to get any help.

So… I’ll take a “fork” over “Chop Stix.”

“That’s right. I went there.” – Stewie Griffin

3 thoughts on ““They know about the fork.” – Jerry Seinfeld”

  1. OR…you could just come to L.A. where we have an abundance of great sushi, thai food, etc, that are also super cheap. And me…did I mention you could hang out with me?

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