Who is She?

So, I wrote this during the summer. Never posted it. Found it again, so now I’m posting it. Enjoy.

Who is She?

She’s attractive. to me.
She’s attracted. to me.
She prefers wine.
She prefers red wine.
She classy, but she doesn’t mince words.
She has opinions, but is easygoing and open-minded.
She is affectionate.
She is wise.
She is compassionate.
She’s kind of a homebody, but still full of dreams and aspirations and a refusal to stop learning or growing.
She’s punctual, or at least understands its importance.
She enjoys a good story in any medium, be it a well-written book, or a well-made movie or TV series.
She has a musical ability of some kind or a real appreciation for good music in many forms.

One thought on “Who is She?”

  1. I really like this.

    Also the captcha I had to type to confirm I wasn’t a robot said “Broad.” That is a funny coincidence since you’re writing about a broad and all.

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